Green home building is an essential building element in today’s enduring home values. The usage of green building materials and methods can create custom homes which are durable and low maintenance, and has the highest level of sustainability.

Divino Homes is one of the home builders in Dallas who can truly build a green home which is well designed, comfortable, durable, and efficient. Through the use of various innovative green building techniques and methods, materials, and water efficient design, we are to create a luxury residential home which has raised the bar for a sustainable new home construction.

Our Green Building Program

  1. ENERGY STAR is the simple choice for energy efficiency.
  2. Behind each ENERGY STAR label is a product, building, or home that is independently certified to use less energy and cause fewer of the emissions that contribute to climate change.
  3. ENERGY STAR is a voluntary government program backed by EPA that provides unbiased information to organizations and consumers about cost-effective, energy-efficient products, practices, and services.

Green Built Texas is a voluntary partnership of local home builders, industry supporters, and sponsors committed to creating awareness and interest in the construction of higher-performance, lower-impact homes in Texas. The program has a construction protocol that Home Builder Association (HBA) members have deemed essential in order for a home to be recognized by the program. Homes built to this protocol conform to higher standards of:

  • Site management
  • Waste recycling
  • Water efficiency
  • Indoor air quality
  • Energy efficiency
  • Materials
  • Homeowner education

Learn more about Green Built Texas.